What is reflexology?
Reflexology is a gentle foot massage that works through stimulating reflex points on the foot. These reflex points correspond to points on every part of the human body. Studies show that a series of reflexology sessions can assist in increasing circulation, lowering blood pressure, reducing pain, anxiety,assist digestion issues, headaches and provide relief from back, hip and joint pain to name a few. The ultimate purpose of reflexology therapy is to promote wellness.

How can I benefit from foot massage?
The benefits are experienced throughout the whole body from the feet up, while you relax. Preventative care of the feet helps ensure continued mobility. Massage loosens tensions in tendons and ligaments and helps improve foot placement and stability decreasing the chance of falls. The whole procedure creates a feeling of relaxation and wellness. You are made to feel completely comfortable as each session is individually designed to meet your needs.

A bit about the founder…
Nicole Costello has been a practicing reflexologist for 20+ years and is trained in both eastern and western traditions. She came into this practice as part of her journey to relieve her own foot pain. To her great surprise this calling went much further – as a complimentary health care practitioner she’s seen great health results for herself, as well as her clients over her years of providing treatments. For more info visit her Bio on VCA’s website.
(She is super excited to have started a Community Style drop-in clinic at VCA on Fort St!)

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